At the beginning of 2000 a new sound got attention in the Netherlands. It could best be described as a mixture of multiple styles like German hardtrance, UK hardhouse, Dutch hardhouse, Belgian oldskool/jump and Italian techno. These sounds are the fundamental of what we now call ‘hardstyle’.

Hardstyle evoluated so much the past years. In 2003 a lot of producers started to copy eachothers sound… The result was that many productions sounded very similar instead of innovative.
Nowadays hardstyle almost sounds like mainstream hardcore without any hearable relation with the sound from the early days. Many people still love the early hardstyle sound but there are unfortunately no parties where it’s being played at!

That’s why this site has been made. It’s  dedicated to the real early hardstyle sound (1999 – 2002).

If you have any livesets that aren’t listed here yet and only contain ’99-’02 style tracks, contact me.