Bruno Power & Super Marco May @ Sortilegio 2001

01. Essential DJ Team – Ong Diggi Dong (Hardhouse Mix)
02. ID
03. ID (contains samples of Deepack – Drop Out!)
04. Manuel Es – Nord Jet
05. ID
06. Daniele Mondello – Noa
07. Bruno Power – Mo.La.Mi (Shock With Power Mix)
08. Bruno Power – Telekoma
09. Daniele Mondello – Tornado
10. Jimmy The Sound – L.O.G.I.C.O.
11. Twister’s Silence – Listen To Me Mama (Scot Project Remix)
12. ID
13. ID
14. Brain Ovulation – Only Kick (Rushin’ Mix)
15. Yoda – Definitely (Scot Project Remix)
16. Manuel Es – Nord Jet
17. Supermarco May – Timemachine (Original Mix)
18. Jimmy The Sound – L.O.G.I.C.O.
19. Ango – Energy (Daniele Mondello Remix)

(thnx to eddy89 for supplying the tracklist)


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  1. 01)Essential Dj Team – ong diggii dong (hardhouse mix)
    03)Seems like a warmduscher track
    04)i don’t remember….
    05)”let the bass kick”
    09)Bruno power track
    10)Bruno power – Telekoma
    12)tatanka track…
    14)Brain Ovulation – Only Kick (rushin’
    15)Arome – Hands up (dj Scot Project remix)
    17)Supermarco May – Timemachine (original mix)

  2. thanks again! i’ve ID’ed a couple of tracks too 🙂

    it looks like Bruno & Marco don’t listen very carefully while they’re mixing as they played both LOGICO and Nord Jet TWICE , hahaha!

  3. Yeahhh,they played nord jet (tatanka mix) two Times..
    I want the fifth ID… Damn 😉
    Sorry but we can’t listen Daniele Mondello – Barracuda…’s a different track…

    • no, Torakiki sound more softer / trancier..

      it’s Ango – Energy (Daniele Mondello Remix) –> check out its sample at;

      05 isn’t Egma – Let the bass kick 🙁 i’ve downloaded both remixes this week but they sound completely different from the one that is used in this mix unfortunately… so the ID is still open 🙁

  4. Can’t find anywhere the track with sample of “let the bass kick”, maybe a track released in 2002?

    Please help me it’s important. 🙂

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