1. Posted on December 18, 2012 at 2:29 pmLearn how to use that second point effectively and your online success; Thomas A. Hall All search engines on the Internet. So a large cottemipion. {||||

  2. AMANDA! It looks smashing! I like the way you updated it without totally re-doing everything. Your navigation bar is wonderful–you're so smart to do that!Upon your recommendation, I've used Designer Blogs to design buttons for my blog, and I can say that they do wonderful work! AND they're always so quick and super-nice to work with. So I would love to win a button from them–I can think of one I'd like to have right now! :)

  3. de Yudo inc. : Je ne peux plus l’installer sur mon Desire HD :sad: Le Market me dit qu’il est incompatible et je n’ai pas gardé copie de l’apk. J’en avais justement besoin pout demain après-midi

  4. that the ideal PhD candidate in Economics is an undergraduate degree in Physics and a masters in Economics. There are a lot of overlaps in physics and econ.I've recently dipped a toe into Artificial Intelligence (AI) – also surprised to find that AI and economics (particularly game theory) overlap. I wonder if economists are the magpies of academia?

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