Scot Project

Scot Project a.k.a. Frank Zenker is a German hard trance DJ. He is considered to be one of the founders of hard trance, and producing under aliases such as “Arome” and “TOCS”.
He is known for the complicated way he builds up his DJ sets and productions, specifically incorporating long buildups and postponing the moment in which his songs climax, often in separate bursts. His trademark sound is characterised by hard kickdrums and sawing bass lines, coupled with, at times, extremely melodic long breakdowns. He started as a DJ in 1986, playing mainly breakdance music. When acid house increased in popularity, he incorporated these sounds into his sets. By mixing the older styles along with new sounds from the acid house scene, he created his own sound and style. After 1990 he was based in Frankfurt. At first he concentrated mainly on remixes, but later followed his own singles. He enjoyed a large hit with the track “X” in 1995, which appeared on the hard trance and trance label Overdose, where he played an important role in defining that label’s unique sound. He became increasingly famous outside Germany after 2000, especially after a record which became well known in the hard trance scene – “thunder in paradise” – a record which typified the evolution of hard trance as a mainstream dance music genre. Along with Russian mafia and DJ Tom-X, Scot Project is among other things considered as the most important representatives of the German hard trance sound. He also produces under the name “Arome” alias, as well as “fish ion” and “Paradise and Scream”, and is also famous for a remix of the classic Derb – Derb.
In 2002, Frank Zenker and Kai Winter aka Scot Project and Derb made a label called DRUCK records. They made it for one reason, to create a harder side of trance music.

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