Tatanka @ Shock! 09-06-2001

01. ID (sounds italian)
02. ID (Hennes & Cold bassline)
03. A*S*Y*S – Acid Nightmare (Warmduscher Remix)
04. DJ Wag – The Darkness (DJ Wag Mix)
05. ID
06. Pep ‘n Up – Time And Space (Warp Brothers Remix)
07. Tuneboy – Body Control (Gius Remix)
08. Kenji Ogura feat. Melanie Di Tria – Kreissäge Typ A (Tracid Mix)
09. Daniele Mondello – Barracuda
10. ID (contains sample of male voice saying ‘Bring It Back’ + samples also used by Arabesque / Mauro Picotto)
11. Angel Of Death – Angel Of Death (Tracid Mix)
12. Bison Meets The Quakers – I Got Tonight (Original Mix)
13. Spiritual Project – Risiko!
14. Kai Tracid – The Deep Blue (A*S*Y*S Remix)

(thnx to eddy89 for ID’ing major part of the tacklist)


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  1. 1)Id
    2)Id derma like an italian track
    3)Asys – Acid nightmare (warmduscher remix)
    4)Dj Wag – The darkness (yakooza remix)
    5)Nice track,but we can’t hear any words..so it’s very difficult to id.
    6)Stargazers – Is there anybody out there (warp brothers remix)
    8)Kenji Ogura &Melanie di Tria – Kreissage type A (original mix)
    9)Daniele Mondello – Barracuda
    10)We can hear “bring it back”…sounds dj arabesque Aka Mauro Picotto…
    11)Angel of Death – Angel of Death (tracid mix)
    12)Bison Meets The Quakers – I Got Tonight (original Mix)
    Curious note : we can listen a little bit different version from ..in fact Sandro Replay says that is a promo…
    13)BIG ID
    14)we can hear only 5 seconds but it’s : Kai tracid – The Deep Blue (Asys remix)

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