Vote for Early Hardstyle at Q-Base 2010

Together with 11 other contesters, we’re selected to host one area during Q-Base 2010! To win this contest we need as many votes as possible;

Go to:

and select:  “Nominee 04 – Defend The Origin (Bass, Beats & Melody)”

Read more about our concept (Dutch)


  1. Nice concept guys. Q-base really needs an area like this. I am a little disappointed you didnt decide to put up some underrated DJ’s from back then though. Would have loved to see Melani Di Tria, The Abyss, Pila (if that’s even possible at all) and the likes.

  2. Thanks.

    The dj’s that you name belong to the few that would stick to our concept, while most wellknown dj’s prefer to spin tracks released in 2003 – 2006 when they’re booked for a early hardstyle set.

    Two reasons that made us decide to select these relatively unknown djs:

    – We expect that Q-Dance will offer a very small budget that is only suffient to make some decorations but not to book the dj’s you prefer.

    – We know those dj’s very well as almost all of them spinned at an early hardstyle party that we organised in 2008. They stick to the concept and are at least as skilled as Melanie di Tria 😉

  3. Ghehe, yea I see what you mean. I hope that means they also play vinyl like she does :p
    Anyway, good luck with your presentations coming week :)

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